Being a Senior! What to do after graduation?

Take a break, sit down and wonder, what happened in the last 4 years of your undergraduate career? Freshman year, sophomore year, junior and now senior. Beside attending classes and worry about your courses, as well as grades and possibly a part time jobs on/off campus. That is basically every college student’s worries while obtaining their Bachelor Degree.

The real question is what are you going to be doing after graduation? What will you be doing after receiving that piece of paper called a degree. For some it is a lot easier to answer this question. For some, not so much. There are many different answers for this question, such as: graduate school, get a job and in some cases, both of those.

Let’s discuss the first possible career path, graduate school. Recently, there are more and more sources confirming the fact that having a Bachelor Degree does not cut it in this economy anymore. If you want to obtain a good job with high salary, a Master Degree is a must. What can one do to obtain a Master Degree? It means more school, more tuition and at the end, more student debt (which cannot be waived even if you file for bankruptcy.) It is also very hard to get into Graduate schools. Its very competitive, high tuition, and the admission percentage is extremely low.

The second option is to start working and hopefully to be able to get a good job with high salary. Like stated above, many sources confirmed its standard when it come to high pay for a job candidate, someone with a Master Degree. There is that slight chance some of us graduating seniors might get those good jobs but unfortunately, the rest of us will have to either settle for less glorious jobs or have to continue going to school for higher education in hope of getting those good jobs some day.

So what would you do?


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