Dealing with Illinois Weather: The How-to Guide

Looking out the window right now, I see the sun shining brightly, the trees swaying heavily, puddles of water, patches of slick ice, and snow everywhere there isn’t a sidewalk.

This is the norm for winters in Illinois, we can have a snow storm one day and flood-worthy raining the next. For those of you who are out of state, you may not know what to pack, and that’s what I here to help you with.

At the beginning and end of the school year, you’ll need as light of clothing as possible, because we get about two weeks of fall and spring between summer and winter. That being said, you’ll also need a fairly decent winter coat that will keep you warm, do not follow after the girls who go through the whole winter in just a North Face jacket because they will get cold and complain to you about it. The past few weeks have ranged from 12 to 47 for high temperatures, and when summer hits it will hit hard with highs suddenly in the 80s.

One essential that anyone with a smartphone will need is a weather app that is on one of their homescreen pages. Check this. Daily. Hourly. Don’t do something wear something nice and do something fancy with your hair and get mad when it gets rained on, it’s your responsibility to check the weather in this crazy state. Yesterday I walked into Kindlon and back out 5 minutes later to find a sudden downpour of rain. Luckily, I had brought my umbrella because I had checked ahead of time what the weather was going to be like.

More essentials: and umbrella and rainboots. It rains randomly and often, these will save you from getting soaked into your socks, and we all know how horrible of a feeling it is to have wet socks. Plus, umbrellas save any electronics you have in your pockets and bookbags from getting completely soaked.

All in all, it’s good to have a large variety of clothes here with you at school. Whether you are able to go home anytime or not, you will never have a set wardrobe for each season, because there will never be consistent weather. Also, layering is a great gift these days: running shorts under sweats + a tank top under a light jacket=perfect outfit for spring/summer days.

I hope this helps all of you stay cool/dry/warm/comfortable during the months that you are here! For those of you who have lived here your whole life like I have, keep up with whatever works best for you!


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