Delivery from Coal Ben!

Benedictine University is a college that has an environment just like home.  Benedictine University has many resources for students to put them to use.  Many places on campus are great for students to meet up with friends and socialize.  One of those places is our amazing Coal Ben! Coal Ben is a great place for watching a football game, basketball game, creating  a party for the students etc.  Coal Ben provides food just like Buffalo Wild Wings. With great food and environment what would it make this place even better???-TO HAVE COAL BEN DELIVER! During school hours we are busy trying to get our school work done, or sometimes when students are in Lownik working and its during lunch break, students cannot leave from work to Coal Ben to get something to eat, also when its bad weather also. I think having Coal Ben deliver would also provide some sort of job opportunities for students on campus.  This can be imaginary but we can have a little golf cart to drive around the campus and this way they would have access to deliver around the campus. Maybe people can say that that is being lazy, but we would still have to option of walking there with our friends and eating there, but I believe people should have the option of calling and delivering food. BenU students what would you think about this idea?


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