How Flappy Bird became aggressively addictive

One new game this year  has been known as Flappy Bird. This game has become so popular that it is downloaded in every kind of smart phone there is out in the market. The creator of this game wanted its customers to enjoy this game and not feel like its too addicting. But lately the tables have turned and what used to be a thought of just enjoyment, now has become a thought of aggression. The main idea of this game is to basically tap the screen, which makes the bird fly up and down, and make the bird go through  the green pipes. Due to this many people start to feel mad when the stupid bird doesn’t make it through the pipes and falls down. But as this continues to occur, this game becomes that more addicting because you are trying to beat the highest score you had previous.

As this game became increasingly addicting, things took the wrong turn. New reporters have approached incidents where young kids have started becoming so aggressively addictive to this game that they have started to do act like criminals. There was two reports that I had heard that was related to Flappy Bird going crazy. One report said that a young boy got so addicted to playing Flappy Bird that he killed his own brother just because the stupid bird couldn’t cross through the stupid pipes. Another report that I came across with was of a young girl who also aggressively addicted to Flappy Bird that she stabbed her own sister. These murder-like incidents caused because of a stupid game sometimes makes me wonder why on earth would someone even come to think of “killing anyone” just because they are addicted to some stupid game. I think people shouldn’t do such kinds of things because it is really pointless to kill someone rather if its your own family or relative or just even a random person just because you couldn’t beat or pass your own high score or that the stupid bird couldn’t go through a stupid pipe.

When the creator heard about the incidents that his game was creating, he decided to withdraw the game on every single smart phone on the market. Now because Flappy Bird is off the market, those who have the game on their cell phones or any type of smart phone now can sell their phone for more than the original cost of the phone itself. I think that this is crazy and it should open eyes for all game creators that sometimes what one game that might seem fun and enjoyable at first can end up turning into something totally insane and life threatening.

So overall I think that this game of Flappy Bird has gone outta control and I sorta support as to what the creator did with taking the game off the charts. But I also think that its kind of stupid for people to sell their phones or buy phone with the Flappy Bird installed in it. I just think its pointless.


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