Managing tests

All classes are one month in, so its about time to have tests and exams. Some students forget that tests are just as important as finals, which is why it is important to study just as hard for a test. Do not be that one person that only studies the night before, because 9/10 times you will not receive the grade you want. Here are some tips to help prepare you and help you an A:

  1. Time: Time is very important, you should give yourself at least  four to five days before the exam to start preparing and studying to fully be ready and know everything.
  2. Re-read the chapter: Reading the chapter can help clarify topics that you might not have understood before, so re-reading the chapter can help you to completely understand everything you need to know.
  3. Make your own notes: After reading the chapter make your own notes and add them to the professors notes.
  4. Note cards: Making notecards to study off of are a huge help, because its the best and easiest way to memorize definitions or terms you need to know.
  5. Study groups: Studying with other classmates is also a big help because if you aren’t sure about anything they can always help you and quiz you on everything.
  6. Office hours: Going to office hours to get extra help shows the professor that you can and want to do well, and it helps you a lot get all the extra help. Professors know best.

Good luck!!


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