Eating Out on a Budget

Everyone has heard the term “college students on a budget” but does that really mean we have to deprive ourselves from take out food and restaurants!? Just because we are college students, does not mean we have to live off Ramen Noodles or Mac n Cheese for the rest of our college careers. Food on a budget is the way to go! There are many ways us college students can have great food while not spending all of our hard earned bucks.

Option 1:
With today’s technology everyone is pretty much up to date with smartphones. So why not put it to use; there are tons of apps that help save people money. An app that is a must in my book is Groupon! This app asks for a zip code and then provides you with deals that are around you. These deals include restaurants up to half off!!

Option 2:
Want a night out with the girls or want to take that someone special on a date? Well Downtown Naperville is a great place for that! Before going out, take a look on Google and type in Naperville Night Out- “Your #1 Search Guide & Event’s Calendar for Everything Fun in Naperville!” On this site they have special promotions for all the restaurants and bars in the Naperville area.

Option 3:
When dining out, it never hurts to ask if they have a student discount! Every little helps.


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