Trying to get that Spring Break body?

Going somewhere warm for spring break?
If you are, you probably want to try and get that beach body because it is in less than a month away. Here are three tips in losing 5 to 10 pounds quickly.

1. Get rid of soda/pop!
Soda/pop or any carbonated drink is one of the biggest causes of gaining weight. You could be eating the healthiest foods but still gain weight if you are drinking soda. The carbonation in soda actually expands your stomach allowing more food to fit in there. If more food fits in your stomach, you will want to eat more. Start drinking water. Most people say they don’t like just drinking water because it has no taste but you can get your taste from the food you eat.

2. Eat Breakfast!
It is very important to eat breakfast because it willow give you energy throughout the day. When people skip breakfast they tend to snack on junk food throughout the day because they get hungry. Even if you give the excuse that you don’t have enough time to eat breakfast, grab some fruit or a granola bar to eat on the way to wherever you’re going. Its okay to have carbs in your breakfast but then throughout the day stick to eating fruits and veggies. Adding to eating fruit. Fruits and veggies are essential. They have all the nutrients you need and they are natural fat burners.

3. Get Sleep!
When you don’t get your 8 hours of sleep at night your body creates fat cells in order for you to have stored energy. When you do get your sleep, your body actually burns those stored fat cells. Also, try not to eat right before you go to bed. If anything drink a cup or a bottle of water right before bed so you wake up with that nice flat stomach!

Hopefully this helps and you achieve whatever goals you make for yourself!


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