The Waling Dead is Back!

If you are a Walking Dead fan you know that the season premiere was this past Sunday. The episode left out a lot of stuff and left the fans asking a lot of questions. The episode was primarily about Carl, Rick and Michonne. We learned a little more about Michonne’s life before the world changed. We also learned that she could not contain her anger any longer and she did not want to be alone again. She proved this when she saw the zombie that resembled her and then decided to go on a rampage, killing walkers all around her. The other part of the episode was about Carl and his father Rick. Carl is growing up and he doesn’t want to be treated as a little kid anymore. He gets so upset at his father that he even says he wouldn’t care if he died. At the end of the episode Carl and Rick make up and Michonne finds the house they are staying at.
The question is, what happened to all the other people. The Prison was attacked as we know from last season and everyone got split up. Some got on a bus and some just ran away. Another question is what happened to Rick’s baby girl (Carl’s sister).
Tune into watch the second episode of the spring season on this Sunday at 9/8c. The Walking Dead can be watched on AMC which is channel 39 if you live on campus.


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