Jump-starting your college career!

By now I am sure that you have received your acceptance letter and are all squared away with your dream college. You’ve talked to your adviser, visited campus and have your heart set on a major. Everything is a go for your first year at college! With spring right around the corner there are a number of things that you can do to better prepare you for college. Having a check list of what needs to be done before you embark on your college journey is a great way to visualize the next steps in your life.

You may or may not have already received conformation of your acceptance to your school, but if you have, following up with your admissions counselor with any questions you may have about classes or the school will help you get a better understanding of the day to day life on campus.

Knowing and understanding your financial aid package is key to progressing in your college career. Contact your schools financial aid office with any inquiries about loans, payments and scholarships available to you…you will come to find out that scholarships are you BESTfriends in college! Talk with your parents and file your FAFSA starting in January, that help with determining your financial aid.

For all you athletes out there getting and keeping in contact with the coaching staff of the sport you are interested in can give you a different perspective of the campus. If you are an accepted senior I am sure this is not the first time you are in contact with the coaches, but if you are unsure if you want to play a sport or not it never hurts to send the coach an email. Many coaches offer individualized visits that allow you to see the school from an athletes point of view.

NO SLACKING! Just because you have been admitted to a school does not mean that you can slack off your second semester of senior year. Some colleges continue to look at your grades as a deciding factor on admittance. You may have been accepted in the fall, but if your grades are not what they were then the school has the right to revoke your acceptance. So, continue to do well in your spring classes to avoid the possibility of your acceptance being revoked.


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