BenU Confessions…..Will it Ever Catch On?

Lately there have been Facebook pages and Twitter account after Twitter account made to mimic the ever popular “confessions” pages from other schools. While each one gains some momentum for a bit, they either eventually get shut down, stop posting for fear of being found out, or people lose interest because our school just isn’t that type of exciting.

Other Confessions pages feature crude and personal information that is completely anonymous, but it never fails that with a school our size, everyone will either end up finding out who posted or who a post was about. Currently, the most successful page is Facebook-based and is called Benedictine University Confessions and Admirers and it claims to only be used for non-offensive posts that do not bully or degrade another person or post any submission that could make a negative impact on said person. Many posts are sweet and innocent, offering never-revealed feelings or simply complementing another person, but some people post crude connotations about another person that could not only make them uncomfortable, but also be offensive to their religion.

For the most part, the page is nice enough, but with the information being so closely monitored by the creators, there is a chance that the page will lose interest because it does not reach the raunchy level of pages like the Collegefessions Twitter feed. As the confessors have claimed, people are “thirsty” for more information, and I have a feeling that one day someone will stumble across one of the creators posting new confessions and the whole site will be exposed.

Luckily, every post is completely honest unless noted in the confession itself, so any person’s confession will remain anonymous no matter what happens with the page. However, it is pretty obvious that many of the posts are faked, which was a common problem on the previous pages, which beings to bore people after enough time has passed. The benefit to having a page like this is that it allows people to get their unresolved feelings out into the open without having the spotlight put directly on them, which can take a big load off in some cases.

So I guess the decision is going to be left up to time and you guys…..Will any BenU Confession page ever have any long-term success? If so, what type of page would you rather have, one that is very nice and respectful or one that offers up the cold, hard, and juicy truth?


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