College Pet Peeves

As I was walking to blogging today with my 700 lb backpack it made me think about all of those little frustrations that drive me crazy every day on my way to class and I thought… I cannot be the only one!

  1. Well first there’s the 700 lb backpack.. okay so maybe it’s 40 lbs but still. Starting class at 11 and going until 5:45 doesn’t give much time to get back to my room between classes. Worse on Tuesday’s I start at 8:00 a.m. which means at 7:30 I load my backpack with: Microbiology binder, lab coat, Abrahamic scriptures binder, Programming board binder for our lunch meeting, Anatomy lab binder and book, and finally Pathophysiology binder. Thank god Benedictine has a small campus!
  2. Slow walkers. This is the Chicago area people, get some hustle. Walk quickly or get out of the passing lane!
  3. Narrow Stairwells. Anyone with a class in Birck knows exactly what I’m talking about. Whoever designed those stairwells must have thought the average person weighs 90 lbs because that is the only way to fit two people going opposite directions on those stairwells.
  4. Climate Control. In the summer the buildings are 60 degrees making you want a sweater, in the winter buildings are 90 degrees making you wish you were wearing your summer clothes again! Except Scholl 101…. that’s always 95 degrees. At least it’s consistent?
  5. Squatters. From about 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday the commuters take over Kindlon. Which would be fine… if they didn’t all decide to stand at the top of the stairway and gab to all their friends. Pleaseeee relocate so I don’t have to put on shoulder pads to get through to my classes!

Am I forgetting something? Comment to share your #collegefrustrations  


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