Keeping the Stress Under Control

After classes have been going for a few weeks, the assignments start coming due: papers, projects, and quizzes and tests. This is when college seems the most stressful since the first few weeks were pretty easy and didn’t require much effort, but don’t freak out, there’s a bunch of ways to stave off the stress and give yourself enough time for everything.

It’s important that you have a weekly planner to write down when everything is due; this will help you remember because you are writing it down, and it’s all in one place. It’s a good habit to write down the actual due date a week early so that it is fresh in your mind that it is coming due soon, and to give yourself enough time to plan out your work if you have several tests or projects during the course of one week. Next week I have three days in a row where I have a test, but I refused to let that worry me and decided to start studying for each one a few days ago, that way I don’t have to cram brand new information the night before (or the morning of for the super-procrastinators out there).

One thing I have definitely learned in the past year and a half is that it is possible to over study, and it’s practically a requirement to take a few study breaks so you don’t wear your brain out. Take these times to listen to your favorite music or have a quick chat with your friends, but don’t get too sidetracked by talking to get back into your study groove. Another thing I have learned is that it’s not good to spend all of your free time studying or working on homework; take some time out to watch your favorite T.V. show or watch a movie in your comfiest clothes and a bunch of junk food with your friends. These are the nights that help lighten the weight that’s on your shoulders a little bit and loosen the knot in your stomach that started forming when you started freaking out.

Most of all, everyone has to understand that if you have one test/project/etc. that it’s a great grade, it’s OKAY. It’s not the end of the world, and most classes either offer a dropped assignment, extra credit, or have a teacher willing to work with you to improve your grade in other ways. So just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself, because there will be plenty of time to get everything done if you plan everything out the right way.


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