Appealing A Class

Sometimes the class registration process at Benedictine can be a little confusing. The school’s registration system (MyBenU) is a very large server that can be confusing at times. Not only this but, the complete list of all Benedictine’s classes on the website (BenU Live) sometimes does not exactly match up with the classes on MyBenU. Although it is rare, the school sometimes forgets to put the letter “C” next to some classes to designate which classes are core electives required for graduation. I ran into this problem and had to go through and extensive process to solve it.

Going into my junior year here at Benedictine I needed to fulfill a core literature class requirement in order to graduate. As a result of this I took a literature class that one of my friends recommended to me. After looking on MyBenU I found a class I believed to be a core literature class and registered for it. The class was a very enjoyable one until about halfway through the semester when I received some bad news. Our professor informed the class that our course was in fact not a core literature class. Since about half of our class was not literature majors we were informed that we would not receive credit for the literature core elective. As a result of this myself and my classmates, that did not receive the core literature credit, took the problem to the registrar’s office. After a short meeting with the registrar’s office I was informed that I would have to write an appeal letter to the dean of the literature department explaining my case and asking for the class to count as a core literature course. After a few meetings with the registrar my appeal went through and my literature class was accepted as a core literature course.

I am not saying to appeal every class that you take to make it count for more than it should be. However, I am saying that if you believe that you have a legitimate case for something of this sort, then take it to the registrar’s office. The people there are very nice, cooperative, and will help you through the process step by step.


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