Surprise Road Trip

Last weekend, a few of my friends and I decided to make our own little adventure. Instead of doing nothing with our time off from track on Saturday, we decided to do something spontaneous. Average road trips where you know where you’re going can be pretty fun, but road trips where you have no idea of your destination are even better. We had planned the trip weeks in advance, but only Emma, our driver, knew where we were actually going. Our fate was in her hands. The most entertaining part was watching us all guess where we were going. My favorite guess was probably Super Target.

We woke up bright and early at 6 A.M. to start our journey, leaving sleepy Neuzil behind and heading on the highway. All we were told to bring were warm clothes and a wallet. With each highway sign we passed we had more and more ridiculous guesses. This was Emma’s entertainment for the whole trip. Finally we saw the, “Welcome to Pure Michigan” sign, which is the home state of my road trip buddy Sherry. Emma decided to fool us by taking us into a shady gas station and saying that was our destination. Thank goodness it wasn’t. As we went further into Michigan, Sherry started recognizing signs that were familiar to her. It wasn’t too long before we were driving down the country roads that led to Sherry’s house. Destination number 1 had been reached! After playing with her dogs and taking some snow pictures, we were told there was a second part to our journey. So the anxiety began again. When we started nearing South Bend, Indiana, we knew we were headed to Notre Dame. Sherry’s best friend is one of the top runners for Michigan State and they were participating at a D1 track meet at Notre Dame. Our next part of the journey consisted of surprising her at her race, where she took first place in her 3k. And we only had to ask 3 random students to find the field house 🙂 Being in that atmosphere was extremely inspirational as a runner. After taking ridiculous pictures with some Notre Dame landmarks and playing in the snow ( don’t try sliding unless you have coordination, you will fall on your behind), we finally headed for home. We had completed a successful day of surprise, fun, and silliness.

This is  a reminder that it’s good to break out of your routine sometimes, and do something you’ll remember. Being on the open road with no idea of your destination and good friends is exhilirating. Hopefully you can plan a surprise road trip one day, even if its just to the state over. Sometimes the best kind of fun happens when you break out of your comfort zone.


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