Secret Valentines

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, here is another fun little ‘idea’ the track girls’ distance team and I thought up:  secret valentines. We did something quite similar last year, although everyone knew who had who versus everyone having someone random and it being a ‘secret’. So, this last track meet I wrote up everyone’s name, put it in my teammate’s hat, and we drew who we had. The point of this is for it to basically follow the same idea as a secret santa-giving people little gifts leading up to Christmas when you reveal yourself as the secret santa. Now, being a small girls’ distance team for track, it is quite easy to figure out who everyone has when they accidentally drop hints, but we should still have a lot of fun with it. What’s even better is when some of the girls throw ideas about what they like for their secret valentine to hear. For instance, when we circled up this morning during practice and did our core, one of the girls threw out they she loves ‘One Direction, chocolate, etc.’ We all just laugh, but so far it’s been a ton of fun. On top of our secret valentines, and partly due to my insistent request, we are also doing the typical elementary style valentine’s day. Yes, I mean buying the valentines cards at the store and making the folders to put them in-decorated and including our names. We may be weird for doing it, but hey-why not? And to top it off, after our meet, which happens to fall on Valentine’s day, we’re also all going out on a coffee date to Starbuck’s the following morning for some great team bonding time. I think it shall be one happy Valentine’s Day!


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