Breaking up is hard to do…

You’ve been dating for almost a year now and everything seams to be going very well. All of the kissy faces, love songs, long walks together and endless selfies; it all seams to real. You would never think that it could all end, but in the blink of an eye it very well could. Having a thriving relationship while in college can be stressful on both partners. Whether it be the distance, trust issues, cheating or simply growing apart, the stress and work it requires to have a successful relationship may be too burdensome on couples.

If it comes to that point in the relationship where neither of your needs are being met and the relationship is getting in the way of your school and work life than it may be time to consider breaking the relationship off. Being behind in your school work, missing classes and staying out late due to your relationship are all signs that the relationship is becoming too much. Now that does not mean that you have to completely stop talking to the person, having a friendship is always an option.  Breaking up with the person can be difficult if a lot of time and emotions are invested in the relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are breaking up with someone or the one to end it, being able to handle the situation well is important. There are ways in which you can help get over your breakup. Not letting it get in the way of how you perform on the field or in the classroom can be a way to take your mind off things. Having supportive friends around that will help lighten the mood are always helpful after a breakup. It may seam like your world just came crashing down on your, but it’s not the end of the world. Get out there and attend different school activities, go to games and get involved. Chances are they will help take your mind off things.

No matter what you do to take your mind off a recent breakup, always remember that it is never the end of the world. There are always different activities on campus that can help you ease that pain, so grab your friends and go out and have a great time!


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