Upcoming Concerts/Events in Chicago

As summer is getting close to being done (at least that is what we are trying to tell ourselves), many winter/spring concerts are already being booked! If you are a concert freak like me, I try and look ahead some of the upcoming concerts that I am interested in. Maybe there are a few that do not like going to concerts as much but instead would like to watch a show or theater. At downtown Chicago, there are many upcoming concerts and shows coming up this month and the months to come, (as hopefully winter decides to end).  Here are some interesting events that are scheduled for the upcoming month:

  • February 17th: Justin Timberlake-at United Center (He can’t be resisted)
  • February 26th: Lady Antebellum- at Allstate Arena (I am going!)
  • March 14th: Demi Lovato/Neon Light-Allstate Arena
  • April 14th: Chicago vs. Orlando Magic-United Center
  • May29th: Les Miserables- Drury Lane
  • June 20th: Bruno Mars-First Midwest Bank
  • August 29th: One Direction- Soldier Field

These are just a few events going on on the months of summer, one event for each month of a great summer! Take a friend, sister or brother, girlfriend or boyfriend, and enjoy a concert in the summer in the beautiful city of Chicago!


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