Sochi Olympics 2014

What’s your favorite winter Olympics event?
My favorite event to watch is the hockey. Many of our most popular players of the NHL will be playing in the Olympics, but they won’t be playing for the United States. I think this makes the Olympic hockey games a lot more interesting because there is usually a NHL star on every hockey team. There have been many great hockey games played at the Olympics. The most recent being the United States vs. Canada in the Vancouver Olympics four years ago. Obviously the most popular would be the 1980 Olympics where the United States beat Russia then the Soviet Union. If you’re looking for a good sports movie to watch, watch Miracle (the 2004 version that is).The Olympics always brings us great games to watch though because its the best players of the world playing against each other.
The women’s games are being played right now and the USA is blowing through the competition. The women’s USA team plays Canada on Wednesday and I am sure it will be a good game.
The USA men’s team will start the preliminary round by playing Slovakia on Thursday.
For a complete schedule and news of all the events at the Sochi Olympics follow this link.

Go USA!!!


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