Residence Hall Room Essentials

Transferring all your personal items from your room at home to a dorm room can seem like such a challenge! From personal experience, let me tell you it is; but you can pack and storage the smart way. A large part that college students do not realize is that we tend to over pack. What will I be needing? What outfit will I wear? should I bring this, should I buy that? These are all questions that run through our heads when packing back for the new school year. Trust me from experience, you will not wear half the items you bring! When packing bring the essentials and do not bring outfits that you know you will never wear.

When it comes to storage that is key to having an organized and well kept dorm room. Depending on the space at hand, closet space will most likely not be ideal for a person, so there are alternatives to that: storage bins! Storage bins will be your best friend throughout your college career. You can use storage bins to store your snacks, clothing, personal items, and basically anything else you need room to store. Storage bins come in so many different sizes and the best way to store them, personally, is to put them underneath the bed because there is so much room under there that goes to waste. You can use an arrangement of small, medium, or large bins depending on what items you are storing. Two large bins would be ideal to store underneath the bed, one bin to store all your snacks and food items, and the second bin can be for extra bed sheets and/or extra bathroom items you might have. Another idea would be to get a three stack storage bin to store your socks and personals just to save room in the wardrobe provided for your clothes, (more room means you can have more clothes!). Whatever the case, storage bins is the saving solution for dorm room life.


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