New Movies hitting the Big Screens This Year

This year, there are going to be so many new and exciting movies hitting the big screens in the coming months. Here are some of them that I hope you’ll enjoy from now till the summer. 


Feb 12th= Robocop     This movie is a sci-fi and crime genre that is packed with tons of action. Its a story about how people take advantage of new technology and how a man who’s built half robot and half human tries to stop the bad guys. 

Feb 14th

1.) Endless Love   This is a romantic love story about a charismatic boy who instantly develops sparks at a love affair with a girl who’s parents try everything they can to keep these two love birds apart. No matter what obstacles they face their love always keeps them together. 22 j

2.) About Last Night    This is a romantic comedy movie which has Kevin Hart in it. And when Kevin is in a movie its bound to be hilarious. Its a story of how two couples go on a journey from meeting at a bar to heading to the bedroom and are ultimately put to the test in the real world.


Mar 21st= Divergent   This is a sci-fi adventure film which is taken place in the future in Chicago. In this movie people are divided into 5 distinct factions which are based on their personalities. Divergent means “no fit into any one faction” and the leading female character realizes she’s divergent while undergoing mysterious events along the way.


April 4th= Captain America: The Winter Soldier   This movie is a sequel to the Captain America: The First Avenger. This story takes place two years after the Avengers.  Here Captain America uncovers the growing machination while fending off hired hit men.


June 6th= Edge of Tomorrow    This action packed thriller sci-fi movie is about an officer, named Cag, whose never been in combat and is suddenly dropped into a suicide mission. He suddenly finds himself thrown into a time loop where he’s forced to live out the same brutal combat over and over again. But after each battle, Cag increases his skills and is slowly getting one step closer to defeating the enemy.

June 13th= 22 Jump Street   If you enjoyed the first movie of 21 Jump Street then you will totally love this sequel even more. Just like the first one Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum come back and hit the screens. I’m so happy they are back because I loved the first movie and just couldn’t wait for the second one to come out. In this movie, both undercover cops go undercover to a local college to uncover a crime ring within a fraternity.


Aug 15th

1.) The Expendables 3    This is the third part to the sequel to The Expendables and Expendables 2. In this action packed sequel the Expendables crew has to keep the President of the United States safe, but while on their mission they clash upon multiple younger, technology developed action heroes. This is the last mission that becomes a collaboration of the old-school style action versus the high-tech style of action in the Expendables most personal battle ever yet.

2.) The Giver      As many of us probably have read in high school the book called the Giver, well that book is now turning into a movies as well. Its a story about a 16 year old who is chosen to be the Receiver of Memories. Jonas, who is the main character, uncovers the truth behind his world’s past and discovers that for many years his forefathers have given up on humanity in order to have stable society.

I hope some of these new and upcoming movies help you get ready for hitting the theaters. Hope you enjoy some of my suggested movies to watch. Enjoy all you movies watchers 🙂


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