Great Places to Shop online for Gifts

Being in college, you will find it quite hard to be able to shop for your friends and loved ones when it gets near the holidays or their birthdays. You may not have a car to go out and spend a day shopping, but more likely you may not have the time, especially when finals are so close to Christmas. Therefore, I have 3 places that I would love to recommend using to shop for gifts!

1.) Pinterest This one is my favorite personally, mostly because I love projects! For those of you who don’t know though, Pinterest is a site that allows you to pin various pictures to different boards you create (like categories). For example, a few of my boards are ‘Sweet Tooth’ (a board for recipes), ‘Someday…’ (a board for places I’d like to travel), and  ‘Gift Ideas’. When you click on the picture of your pin, it takes you to the site that the recipe or whatever the pin is of came from. I get most of my craft ideas from Pinterest by looking at what other people have made-and a lot of the crafts work perfect as gifts. However, sometimes you see different items on Pinterest that remind you of someone. In that case, you can pin them and find out what store the particular item is from so that you can order it. Just be careful…you might just get addicted to Pinterest like I have!

2.) Etsy This was the first site I ever knew of as far as people selling their work, and is my favorite for finding gifts for people because you can search for particular, one-of-a-kind items that specifically suit the person you are looking for. To describe it, it’s a site that sells all kinds of items that people have handmade. It’s truly one of the best places to find the most unique gifts! You can of course start your own account and  search for different themes or items to narrow your search down.

3.) Wanelo This site is the one I am most new to. My sister told me about it this fall, so I gave it a try. Like Pinterest, it shows pictures of all kinds of items. The only difference is it only shows pictures of items being sold from various places, unlike Pinterest where  you can find quotes, pictures of places, etc. If you see something you are interested in, you simply hit the save button on the picture, and it will save it to whatever collection you would like to save it to. For example, I have a collection called ShoeLover where I save all the shoes I really like, but your collections can be whatever you want them to be. I don’t have a twitter, but I know that Wanelo uses twitter so that you can share what you like and so on with others who have a Wanelo account.

I hope this gives you an idea of some places you can try out for gift ideas if you ever find yourself short on time!


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