Night Class: The advantages and Disadvantages

I have had a night class every semester I’ve been at Benedictine. Students are mostly split down the middle when it comes to their view on night classes. Sometimes you have no choice whether or not you can take them, but if you do have to decide in the future, hopefully this can help you choose.

The biggest advantage of a night class is probably that it only meets once a week. This is nice because you have all week to prepare for the class and get your assignments done.  Night classes work out for people with tight schedules. They can be helpful for people who don’t do their best thinking in the morning or who have jobs and other things to do during the day. Student athletes can usually benefit from night classes because their usually after scheduled practice times. Residents of the campus probably benefit more than commuters because they can go straight to their dorm after class. A lot of science majors like to take their labs at night because they last for multiple hours and they can fit more in their day by taking them at night.

Their are a few downfalls to night classes. The biggest one I’ve found is that I’m usually drained by the end of the day. After Cross-country or Track practice along with my classes during the day, all i really want to do is relax and not go to class and use my brain. Make sure your able to stay alert in class if you want to take a night class. Another disadvantage of night classes (not night labs) is that you go through the material quicker and there is a lot more information to take in. While usually you would get 2 or 3 days to get through things in the syllabus in a week, in a night class you’re trying to cram everything into a 3 hour class. This can definitely drain you. Also, commuters might not feel comfortable driving back at night to campus or going to their car when it’s dark after a class.

If you do choose to take a class at night, make sure your alert and ready to take in lots of information. Make sure not to procrastinate even though the class is only once a week! Most likely there will be less opputunity for points so make sure you take every assignment seriously. Happy spring semester!


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