Commuter Advice

When you are a commuter you face many issues here and there. some being easy to get over others being a little more stressful. For a commuter you should try and schedule your classes closer together so you can come and not have the issue of waiting around all day. Another nice and helpful thing that can be a positive is make friends! that way you have people to hang out with in-between classes, get lunch with and also just have people to hang out with. you have to also remember you are not the only commuter here at Benedictine there are many others just like you! one nice thing Benedictine does offer is events and breakfast for the commuters here  so you can get to know other commuters.

Another nice thing commuters have available is many places to study and do homework. we also have a commuter lounge which is located on the second floor of kindlon. Benedictine also places $25.00 on your card for snacks and even meals if you’re here later for class or just to study.We also have a commuter meal plan which gives you meals and snack money to use throughout the year which is nice to have when you need a sandwich or a quick meal here and there. Another nice thing is the gym is still available to commuters! You don’t have to be a resident to use the gym which can save you money outside of school.

Benedictine also gives you parking for free which is another nice thing and many commuters love the parking garage because it protects your car from snow rain and other weather conditions.

Benedictine also gives commuters the chance to use lockers which are designated just for commuters. These are so that commuters do not have to lug around there books all day or run back and forth from your car in-between classes which a lot of commuters love here at benedictine.

These are just a few things that benedictine makes available for commuters here at Benu!


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