The Do’s and Don’ts of Snow Days

With all of the recent disgusting weather that this year’s winter has so kindly dropped on us, Snow Days or even Cold Days are becoming more than just a rare present gifted by Mother Nature. I’ve compiled a short list of the Do’s and Don’ts on how to spend your day off:

Do, sleep in. No need to be rising before the sun when it will be even colder out, so go ahead, hit snooze, and spend a few more hours under that pile of blankets.

Don’t, sleep till mid-afternoon. Though it can be tempting, it’s the easiest way to waste your snow day. Thrills and spills: Teenagers slide conga-style down a hill in Rochester, Kent

Do, get together with friends. Whether it’s to go see a movie, have a movie marathon at your house, or game all day long, you’ve been given the gift of a free day, don’t spend it alone!

Don’t, think you’re invincible. If it’s too bad out do not try to travel anywhere. Unless you’ve got a dog sled team just for these occasions, stick to Skyping for the day or start that new season on Netflix. The last thing you want is to get stranded or get a bill from your car insurance for repairs.

Do, dress for the weather. You may look lumpy and puffy but at least you won’t have frost bite.

Don’t, wear just leggings or shorts. Unless you’re from the Yukon, wearing such things in -40 degree weather is not the brightest idea. You never know when you’ll be stuck outside say if you have car trouble or there’s a fire!

Do, get in touch with your inner child. SLEDDING! SNOW BALL FIGHTS! SNOW FORT! SNOW BOARDING/SKIING. All great ways to spend a snow day.

And finally Don’t, forget to warm up with a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate!


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