Getting Paid in College to play sports??

D1 colleges are facing different challenges when it comes to students and them playing sports.  A recent controversy is all about Northwestern football players vs. the University.  The football team of Northwestern University is going against the University about by asking to get paid for playing sports.  Their argument is that the University is making profit from marketing the sports by selling sweatshirts, shirts, towels, etc.. to make money out of it.  This makes the students feel like employees for the University.  This uprising is not only coming from Northwestern University but also from all different ivy league schools.  On the defense, the University is fighting back with a respond saying that the students choose to play sports and choose to be a part of athletic departments. They already are given a lot of scholarships for them to achieve their education.  Another defense is that students are going to the college not only to play their sport but also to get a major that pertains their interest. They are not hired by the University but they are accepted by the University based on their academic performance.  Both, students and the university, are very serious about this topic and it would be very interesting to see how the outcome of this battle would be.

My opinion: After I read about these news, I was surprised that the students would upraise about this topic. I believe that in some sense the students have a right to ask to get paid to play sports because its because of them that the schools are very known about their athletic department. The players are well known and their games are shown on TV’s.  I don’t think that they should get paid the same about as a pro player would get paid, but sport is like a job, based on the time that every athlete puts in order to gets better and stronger.  They have to give 100% on the field in order to win, just like an employee has to give 100% in their job.  I am not siding with the student because I am a student myself, but because I believe that their argument is strong and valid.  I was an athlete once, and yes I choose to run track & field, but at the same time isn’t choosing a job the same? When we get employed we choose a job that we like and that we are capable of doing, just like we choose to play sports also. If it was you, which side would you choose?…


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