You Are What You Eat

The buffet style cafeteria in Krasa can be overwhelming with food choices. Freshmen tend to have bad eating habits that can linger for the rest of their college career and as we all know, you are what you eat. I know from personal experience that eating french fries everyday can seem delightful along with eating cake and cereal in one sitting but you have to pull out of those bad habits. Now that we are in college, we are responsible for ourselves. We need to have loads of self discipline in order to stay healthy and on task.

1st: Have the will to want better for yourself.

If you don’t want to eat better then forcing yourself to make healthier choices will ultimately end with you back at square one. You must realize the consequences and  profits of your food choices. Unhealthy eating is linked to slower metabolism, a less attentive body, extra sleep during class time, a lack of study skills, and the freshman 15 times 3. Remember the Spring Ball is approaching and you most definitely should want to fit the outfit you’ve been eyeballing for the past 3 months.

2nd: Develop a diet that works for you

Now that you have the will, lets make the way. It is alright to diet with friends. It creates a support system that is greatly needed sometimes but you must remember that even though you all are dieting at the same time, don’t do the same diet. Diets vary for each person. A way to figure out what diet you need to be on is to research, visit a doctor, and plan ahead. Research symptoms you know you have that are a product of your unhealthy habits, next visit your doctor to break down what you need to do in order to be healthy, and finally plan ahead because winging it may not work all the time.

With these plans in mind, be careful in Krasa. Remember you are what you eat.


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