Overcoming Injuries

Overcoming an injury can be a long grueling process, and in some cases it will take longer than four months to heal. While being in the process of healing an injury here at school there are some guidelines to follow:

1. Listen to your trainer!

Whether you like it or not, your trainers know what they are talking about. They do what they know is best for their athletes. Yes you may be sitting out for a few days, weeks, or even months like myself, but this is all for YOUR BEST INTEREST

2. Follow the rules they give you!

I know it might be hard to listen to all of the rules they give you, but it needs to be done to heal that injury! I know its hard to stay on crutches the whole time, constantly keep that boot on, and any other circumstances they give you, but again it is for YOUR BEST INTEREST.

The process over overcoming an injury is not a fun time, but once you realize that your body is healing you will be on a quick road to recovery. No matter how long it takes to heal your body completely, make sure that you are always showing up to team activities and practices with a smile on your face. Your teammates will always look to you for words of encouragement on their home stretch of running. Just a few little words like, “good work keep it up, you got it, you’re doing great,” are words of encouragement that will keep them going to do their best. Not only do your teammates appreciate it, but your coaches do as well. They will notice that you are still trying to be a part of the team even though you can’t participate.

Stay positive, encourage, and listen to your trainers:)


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