Our Rice Center: New and Improved!

Hey there, I’m here to talk about our Gym/Fitness Center on Campus, the Rice Center! This building began complete renovations in the Fall of 2011 and was a whopping $6.7 millions dollars!

While it doesn’t look like a typical athletic building from the outside, the Dan and Ada Rice center houses an 11,000-square foot dual-level fitness facility with a restroom that holds mini-locker rooms equipped with lockers and two showers. The Fitness Center has everything you can imagine: ellipticals, treadmills, stair-climbers,  bikes, and basic lifting machines on its first floor; on the upper leve there are the more intense machines, which are mainly used by the athletes for their lifting programs and people who are looking for heavier weights than the main level offers. Also, inside of the Fitness Center there is a dance room that either plays the music being broadcasted by the Fitness Center or plug in your Iphone or Ipod to play your own music. The fitness classes provided by the Center are held here, but it’s also open anytime you simply want to go in.

Oh, did I mention that every service offered at the Rice Center is completely free of charge for ALL students, faculty, and alumni?

Moving past the Fitness Center, there is the new Athletic Training Room which is available to student athletes on all of our sports teams. The Training Room holds 4 taping tables, 4 rehabilitation tables, a Hydrocollator, an ice machine that could make snow-cones, and two hydrotherapy pools: a hot tub and an ice tub. In addition to all of these great services, a teacher from Benedictine who is a certified Chiropractor comes in twice a week to provide any athlete who makes an appointment with his and his interns’ skills. Athletes have access anytime the Training Room is open, and the Athletic Trainers are always warm and welcoming.

The Rice Center also holds 6 locker rooms for it’s athletes: the $1.7 million Borsellino Family Football locker room generously donated by the Borsellino family, which opened in late August of this past year and is rated well above any of our rivals in our division, three other men’s locker rooms, and two women’s locker rooms—one of which has sectioned lockers. These are also fully available to athletes—who each get their own locker and lock—any day during the school year during hours that the Rice Center is open.

The Rice Center also has a very nice basketball court that is maintained each year, surrounded by many bleachers for spectators to come and cheer on their Eagles. This also doubles as a volleyball court, as well as any type of “field” for any sport offered as an intramural or when sports have indoor practices. There are also posted open gym times for students to come and play a quick game or goof around with friends.

Above the gymnasium is a surprising feature of the Rice Center: the Bartlett Golf Center that is available to all students and holds state-of-the-art technology with 12-foot simulation screens. Also situated on the upper level of the Rice Center is the Offices of all of the Coaching staff and most of the other employees of the Center. There are also two fantastic rooms called the Eagle Room and a classroom which are used for athletes, meetings, classes, and tours of the Rice Center, since the Eagle Room has a fantastic view of the Fitness Center.

If you are interested in FREE, amazing services like these feel free to stop into the Rice Center anytime and ask the very friendly staff located in the Fitness Center and at the front desk when you enter the Rice Center for a quick run-through!


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