Foods You Should Limit at Krasa

All college dining halls have hits and misses. Your guaranteed at least a few days where you will be roaming around Krasa with nothing appetizing in sight.  On these days, most students tend to grab the most unhealthy thing just to fill their stomachs. Other students just grab the same thing every time without thinking of what they’re actually putting into their bodies. Here are a few foods that can sneak up on you at Krasa and alternatives you can substitute for them:

French Fries: Fries might just be the most popular thing served in Krasa.  It’s easy to be drawn to the Fry Station with the delicious smell of fried potatoes coming your way.  These are okay to have at most once or twice a week, but having them everyday can really catch up to you. They’re tasty, but they really have no nutritional value. Substitute the fries for a baked potato, roasted potatoes, or other starch options Krasa has instead.

Chicken Nuggets: These are another favorite in Krasa. I am definitely guilty of this one. They’re tasty and crunchy, but you have to remember that they are still fried. Go for the unprocessed chicken options at Krasa whenever their available. You’ll save yourself the calories and a stomach ache.

The Ice Cream Machine: The ice cream machine can be a healthy choice since it recently switched to frozen yogurt. Having a little of this is perfectly fine, but it’s the toppings that will really catch up to you. All the sugar from syrups and sprinkles defeats the purpose of switching to frozen yogurt. Have the frozen yogurt, but ditch the toppings some days.

Pop: This is common sense. If you drink pop every day at Krasa, switch to water or juice. The amount of calories you cut out just by substituting pop for water a few days a week is immense. Juice is a better option as well, but be careful of the sugar in those drinks as well.

These are the most popular unhealthy things at Krasa, but anything can become unhealthy if you abuse it. Try to not eat the same thing every time you’re at the dining hall and do the best you can to get all your food groups in. Also try your best to not become a frequent visitor of the Fry Station. Next time you go for something unhealthy, ask yourself if it’s really worth the stomach ache you’ll have later.


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