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Finally, warm weather

Today it was 45 degrees which felt like 60 degrees, and I saw many happy smiling faces because the snow is finally starting to melt! This means that spring break is coming soon, which is true, it is less than a month away!  Since it is getting warmer and warmer this means less layers and new spring clothes! New spring fashion is approaching fast, so do not get caught with last seasons styles!

Glamor’s Spring 2014 new fashion:

  1. Pastels
  2. Boxy cropped jackets
  3. Colored button downs
  4. Wide Legged pants (not too sure about these)
  5. Bomber jackets
  6. Maxi skirts
  7. Sweater w/  dresses
  8. Collarless coats


Pros about working on campus

Working on campus is one of the greatest jobs a college student can have. Jobs on campus look great on resumes! Also who doesn’t love extra money? Here are some pros about working on campus

  • Not having to drive
  • Only taking five minutes to get to work
  • Meeting new people (my favorite part)
  • Working after or in-between classes
  • Having a flexible schedule
  • Having an awesome boss!
  • Working with friends

Springbreak Time!! Where to go?

So springbreak is around the corner and during this time of the year, many students start researching about where they would like to spend their springbreak at rather with their family or with friends. Here are some the Top 10 Destinations to go for Springbreak.

 St. Croix, Virgin Islands

 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Chicago, Illinois

Orlando, Florida

Las Vegas, Nevada

Miami, Florida


Cape Cod, Massachussetts

Cancun, Mexico

Helpful links: Here are some helpful links where you can look and checkout some more destinations to see where you will go for Springbreak this year.

Spring Cleaning for Spring Break!

Hey there!

With Spring Break coming up soon, it’s a great time to start Spring Cleaning for those of you who live on campus. Spring break is the perfect time to take home most of your winter clothes and shoes, move your furniture around, and actually clean that room of yours that doesn’t seem too dirty. All of this is important because the last thing your want is to come back from Spring Break with a bunch of new stuff with no place to put any of it, or with a bunch of dust bunnies and grime on your floor.

Getting organized before Spring Break will help you maintain a well-coordinated place to sleep, study, and spend time with friends so that you never have anything out of place. I have found that there are about three types of people when it comes to arranging: the Neat Freak, the Messy Organizer, and the Unorganized. If you are a Neat Freak, you probably already have a completely scheduled time and place for your Spring Cleaning, as well as a list that dictated what you need to pile away for the next year. However, if you are like me—the Messy Organizer—or your room is a lost cause for even finding your books, starting with the small project of Spring Cleaning can form good habits for your future.

As a Messy Organizer, I have a place for all of my things, but I often find myself losing the small stuff: my post-its, my favorite pen, or even my keys sometimes. It is really important to have lots of storage options if your are like this because it gives you more places to assign your possessions to. It’s super easy to buy a desk lamp with a built-in storage system, a few pencil holders that are different colors, and there are tons of options for under-the-bed and in-closet storage. I’ve found that doing something as simple as hanging a command hook next to the door will both help you remember your keys when leaving and also give you a place to put them when you come back. I am also the type of person who likes to fold clothes rather than hang them, so I used several stackable bins and hanging organizers in place of hangers so that I could still keep everything organized, but in my own way.

If your floor is a rarely seen sight like most of the Unorganized, this is a great small step into cleaning for you! It’s time to buy—or dig out—your bins and organizers and get to work sorting. If you live on campus, drag some of your friends in to help you clean as a fun activity that your can do together. If you don’t have anything to organize your stuff with, make sure you grab some of the essentials during Break (a crate for your books, bins for clothes and shoes, etc). The best way to begin is to go home and pile all of the clothes and shoes you wear during spring into your bins, because this allows you to unpack this when you get back to school and simply pack up all of your winter items right into the same bins and send them home with your family. If you plan to organize when you get back from break, be prepared to get back early. Don’t hesitate to use your family members as tools, because even though they usually put your stuff where you wouldn’t want it, you can always move everything around later and it will give you an idea of what you don’t want.

I know it’s hard to get and stay organized if you aren’t in the habit, especially if you are constantly on the go from classes to sports to work, but it is an essential part of getting stuff done. I just try to keep things in certain places and let things slowly fall into place during the rest of the semester and try to stay as organized as possible. And remember break is March 17th through the 23rd!

What to do when you are bored out of your Mind

We sometimes go through a moment where we just don’t know what to do when we are bored. So here are some ideas for those of you who are bored and just want to do something that will be weird and maybe funny at the same time. Here are some ideas of what you can do some are general while others are completely random. Enjoy.

1.) Put a walkie talkie in your mailbox and shout at everybody that walks by

2.) Call your friend, and tell them you can’t talk right now, cause your busy.

3.) Put a dora doll in the middle of Walmart. And when someone tries to pick it up yell “SWIPER NO SWIPING!!”

4.) Go watch these two videos that are created by Maxnosleeves: Here are the links to those two videos and

5.) Watch movies on Netflix

6.) Download music that you’ve not gotten the chance to download

7.) Call up your friends and see what they are up too. If they are free then go out and do something like shop, play a sport, go out to eat, etc..

8.) If you wanna watch something that is crazy but cool at the same time then catch out Brodie Smith on Youtube for this insane talents for throwing a frisbee. Here are some links that I really enjoyed watching ,

9.) Buy a big pair of pants and see how many people can fit inside it

10.) Look for things you are planning on doing later on in the year.