New Club at BenU!

Benedictine University is knows for its liberal arts education, its strong science field, but also the great amount of students being involved on campus. All students that attend BenU, are involved in some club of their interest.  This semester there’s a new club to add to the list. The Car Club is a new club on campus that many students are excited about it.  The motive of the car club is the ability to get student involved in the club and learning about different part of a car, different cars that are available, how to change oil or tire.  This club will hold different fundraisers to raise money for children in hunger.  The club’s executive board is made up of different male students that are very excited to teach other about different cars and different ways that they can keep their car safe. Their first event that the club is going to hold will be a car wash for students and other drivers. All the money raised on the event will go to different charities to help them.  This new exciting club is for everyone to join! Girls, this is a great opportunity to learn more about your car and the different parts of it. Also its a great way to learn different techniques that could help when tires are low or need to be changed. The events that will help everyone on everyday life and the different problems that may occur in your car.  Driving a car is something that we all do to get to places.



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