Valentines Day Ideas

Since January is almost over, spring semester is started, we are all getting adjusted to our new classes and professors.  Besides thinking about school, or work, we all have to think about February coming up; Valentines Day! Many students have a very  busy life, working, going to school..etc.. and they think about Valentines day being far away and leaving some things last minute.  Valentines Day is a great day that you can show your loved one how special they are to you, hint: you should show how special they are to you everyday, but since Valentines day is a holiday (February 14), then you should show her/him the great love that you have for them. Many people say that Valentines Day is for the ladies, and the day to make them feel special, but I have to disagree with that. Valentines day, I believe is for females and males.  Like males have the responsibility to make the woman feel special, girls, we got to make our man feel special not only on Valentines Day but every day.  Since guys have the hardest time to find ideas for their girl here is a list of some exciting things that would make a girls feel special:

  • Plan a romantic event with your girlfriend
  • Propose to her (?)
  • Buy her flowers
  • Guys, you can never go wrong with buying her favorite chocolate
  • Take her to a special dinner
  • Buy her a necklace with both initial engraved
  • Take her to a Valentines party with friends
  • Go sky diving
  • Buy her a card, but writing your own thoughts for her is more romantic
  • Kiss her as soon as you see her
  • Plan a get away weekend for both
  • Decorate her dorm
  • A teddy bear “I love you”
  • Take her to a concert

Since girls do not have an easy time also to come up with ideas for their boyfriends, here are some ideas for a girl to make their boyfriend feel special during Valentines Day:

  • Make a collage of all pictures of you two together during special times
  • Cook for him
  • Personalize a gift for him
  • Buy him a jersey of his favorite sport
  • Get him an “I love you” bear
  • Plan a romantic night
  • A nice cologne
  • Make a CD of his favorite songs
  • Get a nice watch

Hopefully these ideas can save some times for all couples out there.  Remember: Valentines day should not be the only day to show affection toward each other.  Everyday being together should be special, but since Valentines day is holiday and some people celebrate it, then different exotic ideas and event for each other should make each other feel special.


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