Working out without going to the Gym!

As the semester begins, many students are very busy trying to balance their school schedule with their work schedule and then their own personal life.  Many of us do not have time to go to the gym and work out to stay active.  There are ways that you can stay healthy without hitting the gym.

  1.  Eat healthy. Greens and fruit will give you more energy then all the junk food that taste good.
  2. When you have 10 minutes free, take a walk around the campus or your house; this will speed up your heart rate and make you feel more energetic.
  3. Challenge yourself; during school breaks take advantage of the free time with different challenges.
  4. One of those challenges: A nice, small, but challenging little workout for those times when you have extra energy and want to work some muscles
  5. Plan out your day with a friend to be activethe anywhere workout
  6. Most importantly, working out doesn’t have to be painful, it has to be fun! Therefore a work out can be as simple as putting a CD with your favorite music to play in your room and just dancing to all your songs
  7. Check out YouTube for their different videos on Yoga
  8. Stay focus on your goal
  9. Take pictures of your transformation through the days
  10. Reward yourself one day of the weekend.  Plan Saturdays or Sundays to be the day that you will eat healthy throughout the day, but instead of having a healthy desert, have a small muffin instead.

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