Traveling Without A Car? Taxi!!!

Sometimes things become boring to students on campus. Many students leave campus using a car, but what about those students who don’t have a car or have access to someone with a car. Well Benedictine students have access to a cheap taxi service, American Taxi. If you want to go downtown you can take a taxi to the Lisle Metra station, which is a 9 minute drive. From there they can pay about $5 to go directly to downtown Chicago. If you are traveling on a weekend you can purchase a weekend pass for $7 which you can use Saturday and Sunday. If you’re not looking to go downtown.

The taxi service can take you anywhere you want in the area for a cheap price. Its best to travel with friends if you’re not familiar with the area or you want to save cash. Another way to save cash is to go to Krasa building here on campus and find the coupons for American taxi. Remember if there is a will there is a way. Just look for information and keep the ball rolling here at Benedictine University.


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