Importance of Internships

Everyone wonders about internships and what they are all about. What are internships and why are they so important? How do they help you in the long run? When should you get one?

These are all common question students ask. Internships are a great way of getting your foot into a prospective companies door. A lot of companies will actually hire their interns once they graduate and if you never get an internship you won’t ever get this opportunity. An internship can be a couple months all the way to being a full year and some are paid and some are not. Either way they will get you experience. The experience will look very good on resumes and can be great eye openers. What if you don’t enjoy doing the work your future career entails. No one wants to have a job they don’t enjoy! Internships are great experience gainers. There is nothing better than learning about what a career entails than actually working in that specific field. Class work can only teach you the basics and the fundamentals of a career. I would recommend starting to look for an internship after your sophomore year because by this time you should have most of your basic course done and maybe a couple major specific courses. Once you have the internship you will really see what your career will be like and if you do end up not liking it there is still time to switch majors. Another thing is that companies will end the application deadlines pretty early in the year so if you’re interested hurry and apply.

Good Luck and have a great year!!


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