An Emotional “Good bye” to Deng

As recent news on ESPN are swirling with the trade of Luol Deng from Chicago Bulls to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Deng was one of Chicago’s offense player, with great energy at every game.  He was born on April 16, 1985 in Sudan where he grew up.  At an early teenage years, Deng trained with a basketball coach as his dreams were that someday he will make it to the NBA.  One event that shaped Deng’s great physic, was when he was little going to basketball practice, he missed the bus and didn’t have enough money to by a ticket for the other bus. His coach offered him money to have to buy a bus ticket but Deng refused to take the money, instead he would wake up two hours prior to practice and run the whole way to practice.  This shaped Deng’s great ability of inner strength. In his late teenage years he moved to United States, with an opportunity to play ball for Duke University.  In 2004, Chicago Bulls had the interest in drafting Deng to play for them.  Deng agreed to play for Chicago Bulls with a 10 year contract.  His first year with the Bulls, he averaged 11.7 points, with 5.3 rebounds, and playing for 27.3 minutes.  As years passed, Deng’s game ability or organization of his game improved drastically. In 2010-2011 year, Deng averaged 17.4 points, with 5.8 rebounds, and playing 39.1 minutes.  With passing years Deng proved that he could handle the position of being a starter, so when Rose was out for the season, Deng and all his teammates had to step up their routine and game ability. Even though the Bulls haven’t win a championship in a while, the whole teams plays with their all effort and passion.

In 2014, when Deng’s contract was almost over, he had a talk the coach about a new contract.  Due to different plans, Deng did not reach a deal with the Bulls, instead he was traded to Cleveland Cavaliers.  This event upsetted many Bulls fans.  Deng was a great offence with great ability to make baskets at any position. His ability to work with the team had made a great bond, especially the bond between Deng and Noah. On January  22, 2014, the Cavaliers hosted the game against the Bulls.  This was the first game since Deng was going against the team that he was with for 10 years.  At the beginning all Bulls fans, including myself, was looking for the reactions of 

Bulls players as seeing one of their players play for the other team.  The whole game was filled with many emotions from both ends.  One event during the game, which really touched my heart was during half time, where Deng got up from the bench and went to Tom Thibs, to give him a warm hug.  Also at the end of the game, all of the Bulls team players shook hands and hugged Deng.  This showed the great love and bond that each player had with Deng.  Even though Deng is playing with another team, he will forever be a part of Chicago Bulls history, and we as Bulls fans will always welcome back.   


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