Things happening around us? News from all around the world.

Lately I’ve been reading some crazy things that have been spreading through Facebook, Twitter, the news, etc. One of these top stories have really surprised me. And here is one of those surprising stories.

Giving birth to a baby in -15 degrees weather. (ABC Local News)

On January 22, 2014 in Philadelphia, during a severe winter storm a women gave birth to her child on her way to the hospital. Most of us must be thinking that this is great, but the most strangest thing about this unique birth was that the mother, Shirley Bonanni, didn’t give birth in a car or an ambulance, but instead the baby girl was born on a sled. Baby girl Bella Sophia Bonanni was her name and she weighs 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was born somewhere around 6 on a Wednesday morning on a sled in the middle of Cinnamon Drive in Roxborough. Fabian the father called 911 and their neighbor George Leader helped Fabian walk through how to deliver his own baby with the help of 911. Fabian delivered his own baby and and quickly ran instead to wrap his baby girl in blankets. Eventually the EMTs made their way to the Bonanni’s house and immediately took care of the mother and the baby and transported them to the hospital. Now both the mother and baby are doing just fine.

My thought on this story.

This story really surprised me because I would never have expected that in such a severe weather like the one we’ve been experiencing for the past month would result in a mother with no choice but to give birth to her baby girl on a sled in -15 degrees weather. I really think this is a really unique and special story for not just the people but also towards the Bonanni family. I think  from this birth both the Fabian and Shirley will have a special and unique bond with their new baby girl Bella.

When I first heard this story from my aunt, I was really surprised and shocked at how in the world could someone have the ability to give birth outside in such a severe and bitter weather. But once I read the article on this story, I realized that as long as both the mother and the baby are both fine that’s all that matters. I was happy to see how the neighbors came right in  and helped Fabian and Shirley deliver their newborn baby girl. I hope that both the mother and baby have reached home and are both healthy.


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