No pain-No gain: winter running and staying fit.

We all want that toned, slim summer body, but many have trouble taking that first step in getting active during the treacherous  Midwest winter months. A wise man once said that “you can’t fail unless you take the first step”. That is true for many things in life. Winter running and having that motivation to go workout when there’s 5 inches of snow on the ground and -3 out definitely not the most ideal conditions to go out in, but the results that will come from your dedication will be worth the hassle. Running during the winter months can be very difficult and hard on the runner, but thankfully there are great companies that cater to the winter runner. Jackets, face mask, gloves, tights, hats and shoes all designed to help you get the most out of your run.

Getting and staying motivated! 

Taking that first step in the direction of getting the body you want can be the hardest. Having a goal in mind and writing it down is a great way to visualize your goals and help you work your way toward them. Maybe Maybe you’re tired of the way your body looks or just want to feel better about yourself, igniting that fire and setting yourself up to be successful early can really make a difference. Find what  moves you and go from there.

You’re not training for the Olympics, it’s all about baby steps. 

No one said that you have to run 10 miles a day or bench press your own weight in the gym. Nothing happens overnight, they take time. Knowing your limits and how much you can handle is important in determining what your workout routine should be. Start of small and work your way up to things that you are comfortable with. Try running small loops or around your neighborhood and then when you feel that you can go the longer distance, try doing the longer runs.

One is the loneliest number, try a group!

Getting into the groove of running is difficult on its on, but trying to get motivated alone can be an even harder task. Running and working out with a partner or part of a group can be very beneficial. Not only are you with others that enjoy what you do, but also they are another form of support. Having someone else who is striving for the same goal as you can make running or working out not a horrible task, but something you enjoy.


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