Bundle Up!

With all this abnormally cold weather, it’s time to layer up! It never fails to shock me when I see guys walking around in hoodies-it’s way too cold for that! But at the same time, I see people doing the opposite and wearing extreme winter boots, long winter coats, mittens, scarves  with their faces drowning inside, and fuzzy hats-I recommend being one of these people. If you’re a resident, make sure you bring all these things with you to school. Weather has a mind of it’s own, so it can take you by surprise and be utterly freezing at the most random of times-so being prepared is key! You can never over pack your winter apparel, better to be safe than sorry. The clothing I most recommend having are a legit winter coat (not the thin coats meant more for style), gloves of some sort, boots (trust me, on the very sloshy days your feet can get very wet, and you’re going to hope you’re wearing boots), and a hat or headband. This is the bare minimum of what you should bring, but anything extra you might think of wouldn’t hurt.


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