ABC- Anything But Class

Skipping class may seem like a good idea if you’re tired and have no desire to get out of bed, but in the long run it really isn’t worth it. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider skipping class

1. Less Stress

The more you go to class the less extra work you have to do, there can be an in-class assignment and if you aren’t there 9 out of ten times your professor isn’t going to let you re-do the assignment.

2. Attendance

Almost all professors at Benedictine have an attendance policy. Some professors have a rule if you miss four or more classes than you automatically drop a letter grade. Also, if your professor doesn’t take attendance everyday, they can still tell if you’re missing or not.

3. Wasting money

You pay thousands of dollars to go to college, so why waste your money by skipping classes? Also if skipping classes becomes a habit and you end up failing the class, then you have to retake it and pay for the same class again.

4. Hard habit to break

Skipping is the most addicting thing in the world because once you convince yourself that you do not need to go to class you’ll end up skipping 2 or more days in a row. If you have a hard time waking up? Don’t take morning classes!

5. You may miss out on important news or information.

What if an assignment date gets extended? You may stress about finishing an assignment on time, when in reality you have a whole extra week to finish it. Not a good stress! Especially when you could have avoided it by simply going to class!

6. Bad impression

Here at BenU most professors take attendance and know your name, so if you skip classes once a week or every other week then that is going to ruin the impression that professor has of you. The professor will know you don’t care. Also, if you a point or two from an A or B the professor definitely will not round up the grade for you if you were never in their class.

Skipping classes isn’t worth it when it comes down to it. Of course if you are really sick or contagious or some dramatic event happens, skipping a day or two is necessary. Just make sure to email your professor to let them know!


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