Can’t wait for Super Bowl!!!

Hey there guys, how is everyone’s second semester going? Well, if you ask me, mine is going pretty well. But the one thing that this second semester has that has been getting me so excited for is the Super Bowl on February 2nd. Competition between AFC Champs which are Denver Broncos and my favorite team of all time…the New England Patriots and NFC Champs which are San Francisco 49’ners and Seattle Seahawks.  The best part of this competition is that my team, the Patriots, are once again going against Peyton Manning and as usual once again are AFC Champions.  

Many of you students who might know me already know that I’m a big New England Patriots Fan! And this Sunday night game is crucially important because I want my team to go to the Super Bowl and come home with the victory. I hate Peyton and Eli Manning, sorry for those who like him, but I just don’t like them and Broncos on the other hand well I liked them until Peyton Manning joined the crew. So for all those Broncos fans out there, sorry but you all are going down on Sunday night!!

This game against the Denver Broncos is a game that we football fans live to seen happen again. What I mean by this is Tom Brady is going to be playing against Peyton Manning once again after 2001 when Peyton was with the Colts. And so for me this game is like worth watching game because two years ago Peyton’s brother Eli went to the Super Bowl with Tom Brady is the final score was just a touchdown difference. And Patriots and Colts are rivals, so to have to go against the QB once again its a great and worth watching game of the season even though Peyton no longer is with the Colts, its still rival QBs going against each other to make their way to the Super Bowl.

So this weekend for me is really something that I’m looking forward to watching because this will determine who will go the the Super Bowl this year. And what I’m hoping and praying for this weekend is to have my team The New England Patriots bet the Denver Broncos and go to the Super Bowl!!!! 

For that we’ll just have to just watch and see on Sunday Night 🙂



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