Understanding Your Major and its Requirements

Everyone knows that each major, no matter how similar, has different requirements and expectations for its students, and it is important to know what those requirements are so that you aren’t surprised during your career. Typically, your advisor will walk you through the required classes and any required tests, like the MCAT or the GRE, but it is better to look into it for yourself ahead of time. This is so that you can have a general idea of when you need to take certain classes, as well as the right time to start studying.

As a student seeking acceptance to Medical School, I know that I need to take the MCAT by the Spring semester of my Junior year, in order to give myself time to retake the test again if my results are not as high as needed for admission. It is also, if possible, good to take these tests earlier if possible, as long as you have taken all of the necessary courses ahead of time. I plan to take the MCAT before my Spring semester next year due to the changes that will be taking effect at that time, but I have also planned out my schedule to take the necessary classes before taking the test. This is the most important aspect of being prepared for these exams because there is no reason to take difficult classes that aren’t required for the exams until after the exam is completed, so that you can focus on the most important course material.

The easiest way to schedule your classes in the right order for your major is to simply make an appointment to sit down with your advisor and plan out what classes need to be taken by when. If you need to go to Grad School to further your degree, then you have to plan to take all of your classes before the test needs to be taken. If you can go out into your field of work with your Bachelor’s degree, then you may want to see how you can balance your classes to have some difficult and some easier classes together each semester. If you have a minor (or two), or even a second major, it is essential to make sure that you do have time for all of your classes to be completed; plan to take general classes over the summer if you cannot take all of your classes in four years here at Benedictine or to lighten your load each semester by a little bit.

No matter how hard it can be, it is important to make sure that your are always on the right track for your major, and make sure you exercise every resource Benedictine will provide. A successful career is possible for all of us if we stay on the right path!


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