Our Library and its Great Resources!

Something that I think the students of Benedictine University take for granted is our library and its abundant resources that are offered. As a resident with my own room to go to when I want quiet time or some down time, I don’t spend much time in the library, but I am aware of many of the services it provides.

For example, the First Level of the Library—located in the basement of Kindlon—houses the university’s entire collection of books that are available to check out or to use in the library to study for an exam or quiz. The First Level also handles all books that come in and out of I-Share and the ILLiad—more resources provided by our library.

I-Share and the ILLiad are online services that allow you to request a textbook or book for enjoyment to be sent from another school that has it available if your school does not offer for it to be checked out or carry it at all. All you do is go to the websites, create an account, and either type in the ISBN number of the book you would like and click request (I-Share) or enter in the book information and wait for the library to notify you when it comes in (ILLiad).

Also in the basement of the library is the archive collection of all the books that the library has accumulated over the years. My friend works in this section, which houses texts books from the 1500s, old newspapers that the University published, as well as objects that the library has gathered from other libraries. If you would like to see any of these, all you have to do is ask a librarian for assistance!

On the Second Level of the Library—on the Second floor of Kindlon—is the Interactive Zone that has many tables for group study, a computer room for group projects, and even a private room with a dry-erase wall. When you walk into the Interactive Zone you will see many tables with current students sitting and talking, along with a few TVs that provide informational programs about the library services. If you walk to the right, you will find more tables situated along a wall that functions as a dry-erase board. There are also lounge chairs and couches if you need a place to relax.

If you go up the stairs on either side of the Library, you’ll reach the third and final level of the library: The Quiet Zone. On this Level, talking is limited to short whispers for people who are seriously studying, both at the many computers that are located here and at the tables surrounding them. There are limits on the types of food allowed and cellphone usage is not permitted unless your phone is silent and it is not a phone call. The printers for the second floor computers and third floor computer—with all printing on campus being free!

So go ahead and take some time and check out the different Levels of the Library when you have a chance or need a specific place to study that is suited to your unique situation.


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