Great places around campus to study.

Here at Benedictine students can take advantage of the many different places they can study around campus. For traditional and commuter students there are areas that provide a great studying atmosphere. You might think that only the library is a place to study, but really there are areas in every building here on campus.

DORM LOUNGES: Every dorm, aside from the Founders apartments, have a designated lounge that students can take advantage of for studying, socializing and watching TV. The lounges all have WiFi and computers that are able to print in them. Having a study zone right in your dorm may encourage more studying to be done on your part. Many students find that the lounges in the dorms are very useful for quick study breaks or doing last minute homework.

LIBRARY: The library here at Benedictine is very unique. There are 3 different floors to the library that students can utilize. The basement of the library houses all of the print material that students can check out. There are computers and study tables that can be used as well. On the 2nd floor(the first floor is a common area for students), students can take a break from the traditional library setting. This floor is more interactive and has many tables, desk and chairs for students to use. The room also has a full wall of whiteboard that can be written on for equations, questions or just silly drawings. This is where you will find more group projects being done by students. If you need a small study room you can check one out at no cost. Lastly there is the 3rd floor that is all research.

FIRESIDE LOUNGE: Fireside lounge in the Krasa center is a 24-hour study area. You will find students studying in fireside all throughout the day, and well into the night. This section of the Krasa center has couches, chairs, tables and a cozy fireplace…hence “fireside” lounge. During finals week there are more tables and chairs added to the lounge to accommodate the number of students taking advantage of fireside. You may even be lucky enough to get a massage during finals week.

STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER: As well as fireside, in the basement of Krasa is the student success center. This lower level of the building offers a very quiet place to get your work done. Tutors are available for students at no cost as well as academic support and assistance. More computers and printers are placed here to use at no cost.

COMPUTER PODS: All throughout the campus in the academic buildings you will find small pods that either have computers or are just desk. These pods are occupied by students a lot of the time during breaks between classes. This is a place where you can get your work done and be close to your next class. The pods are in just about every academic building including the library, Birck, and Krasa.


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