Foods to Try- The Ultimate Foodie

Every time my mother and I go out to eat, she always tells me to pick something different off of the menu for me to try. It did not matter what it contained or what it was called, it only had to be my first time trying it. At first I ignored my mother’s request and decided to stick to my favorite dishes at whatever restaurant we visited. Eventually, my favorite meals became less appetizinging as I grew tired of eating the same things over and over again. I grew bored of the old things and suddenly the different plates and dishes my mother was trying seemed so much better. In the end I decided to try different foods and suddenly I have blossomed into the ultimate foodie. For those of you that do not know, a ‘foodie’ is a person who seeks different types of foods not because they are hungry but simply as a hobby or personal interest.

I will tell you a little about the strange foods I have already tried and even those that I never have tried but plan to. I am pretty sure there are many people out there that were like me and never ventured away from the foods they know. Logically speaking, it’s safer and a lot easier then venturing around but where is the fun in that?

Here’s a few things to get you started.

1. Lollyphile

Up for a lollipop? In the mood for something sweet or spicy it’s your choice! Starting way back in 2007, Lollyphile originated only for the party-goers of Halloween. Products were eventually sold all year long for their unique flavors and popularity with the youth. Some flavors include:

Lollyphile also offers ‘specialty’ lollipops flavored in wine, absinthe, and whiskey for those OF AGE.

You can order a taste at

2. Oreo Truffle

Just a simple dish to try and also something you can make on your own. It was demonstration week for Speech and one of my classmates decided to cook for us as her demonstration. The dessert only took twenty to thirty minutes but it was no where near a tedious task. Maybe that was because my classmate made it look so easy? The first few steps were spent prepping, crushing the oreos into dust, mixing it with cream cheese, and eventually rolling the mix into tiny balls. White chocolate is spread over the truffles and put into the fridge to harden and keep shape for about twenty minutes. first few steps were spent prepping, crushing the Oreos into dust, mixing it with cream cheese, and eventually rolling the mix into tiny balls. White chocalae is eventually spread over the truffles and put into the fridge to harden for about twenty minutes. They are a boat load of calories but so worth the treat.

3. Sushi

Don’t knock it before you try it!!!! It might one of the best things you ever try. I know because before I would never eat sushi because it was not cooked. Back in my hay-day, raw food was like the plague to me. Some times I would go without eating vegetables because they weren’t cooked. But after I tried sushi, completely raw fish, I did not find it to be all that bad. Maybe it is just my taste in food, but sushi managed to curb fried shrimp and pizza off my list as favorite food. Sushi is high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. So you can eat foreign dishes and be healthy!  There are a variety of different meals containing raw and fried fish, such as tempura. For those who have a taste for the spicier side of meals, sushi does come in a variety of flavors both spicy and mild. Sure, it is strange to look at for the first time but “Dont judge a book by it’s cover”. You just might enjoy it the first time you try it. 

Once you try a new meal it might not be as great as the foods you have already ate. But not every meal is the same, there are different colors, texture, and flavors, all supported from an original value. So before you cut it from your personal menu, think about making an addition rather than a reduction. There’s nothing better than trying new foods and getting to know what you like best. Come to the foodie side, we have cookies!!..Really.


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