Don’t slack in class

Many people when they go to away at college at first they are all over going to class non stop but then some students start to realize that professors don’t take attendance or really don’t care if you come, but honestly don’t let this go to your head.
I know we all have those days where we don’t want to go to class or are to tired but don’t let that make you start to skip frequently because your grade will show it. Even though you think you may know the material going to class and taking notes there will overall really help you better grasp the material.
Also you may think professors don’t know you or don’t realize you aren’t there but you would be surprised. They may not call you out or ask you questions but at Benedictine because classes are smaller sizes teachers do know a name to a face, most of my professors when handing back papers would surprise you how well they know everyones name even if they don’t call on students.
Another thing is keep on the readings if the professor mapped out what lecture goes with what chapter so you better understand the things the teacher is talking about. It may be a lot to read but if you do it before class you will understand the lecture a lot more and see the key points in the chapters you read before hand.
These are just a few things you can do to help keep you on top of your school work but also what you can do to better help your learning here at Benedictine.


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