Getting a head start on your observation/clinical hours.

Today I would like to talk you all of you guys about getting a head start on some clinical or observation hours that you will need later in your senior year of college. Coming into Benedictine, I wanted to become a physical therapist and so in order for me become that, I decided that instead of waiting till my senior year of college to find some place where I could start on my clinical or observation hours, I wanted to start now. Through my freshman year and starting of my sophomore year I started looking for areas around town where I was able to go in and begin my observation hours or even just volunteer in the beginning and then working my way through my observation hours and clinical hours. I called many local physical therapy centers and finally I landed into the one I was most familiar with and that was Marian Joy Rehabilitation Center.

Marian Joy Rehabilitation Center was a place I’d been to many times due to the many visits my family and I had gone to when my grandmother was kept there for her knee surgery and when she had a pacemaker. When my grandmother would go into physical therapy to gain back her strength in her knee, I had observed many of the wonderful therapist who assisted her and helped her get her strength back and also helping others as well who were in somewhat of the same situation as my grandma and those who were ever more severe. I enjoyed how these therapists would help each individual, in their different ways, improve the areas that were needed to be strengthened and from that point on I decided I, too, wanted to help and become a physical therapist as well. This place has many different kinds of patients what each of the physical and occupational therapists have to deal with such as those who’ve had a stroke on one side of their body, those who’ve had knee replacements, those who’ve just had muscular weakness and disabilities, and etc.

So now back to telling you guys about getting a head start. So like what I’ve done, I’d applied for Marian Joy Rehabilitation Center and was selected to join and start my observation hours for physical therapy. And what you can do now even though some of you guys are still freshman is that look at your local areas or ask your friends if they know any specific person or location that has the specific job your pursue in becoming. What you also can do is look in your directory and find local centers and give them a call and ask if they are accepting any volunteers or even have observation hours that they could take a part in and apply. What this does for you is that it shows that you are wanted to go further into pursuing your dream job and want to experience what it is like in that field that you are wanting to go into. Just like how have applied and got accepted into Marian Joy and now all that I do is observation the different kinds of methods that each individual physical or even occupational therapist assigns their patients and how they help these patients out. I help the therapists as well in what ever they need as well. So this experience has shown me the perspective of the kind of physical therapist I want to be. So far I’ve been observing at Marian Joy for about 6 months and I’m gonna continue doing it till my senior year as well.

This experience of observing at Marian Joy has been great for me and has made me want to pursue my career job. To me the good thing about this is that I’ve started looking into getting ahead of myself and beginning my observation hours ahead of time instead of waiting till my senior year to start my observation hours or even clinical experience. So what I suggest to all freshman and sophomores is that you don’t have to wait till your senior year to start looking for your observation hours or clinical experience, you can actually start now.


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