Second Chance for Tips and Tricks

With second semester here with cheer, it is important to know that this is also a second chance to grasp all resources and start off ahead of the pack. Second semester anxiety happens to a lot of students. You’ll find yourself awake all night or constantly checking your checklist to make sure you’re prepared for classes. I almost fell victim to these “symptoms” and more. I just remembered one thing: talk to someone. By talking to faculty and staff here at Benedictine University, I was able to find  help with books, schedule my time throughout every week, and develop an ongoing workout plan at the gym.

If stress is your problem there are many fun things you can do to relieve stress:

  • Go to the gym and workout with your best friends or by yourself to get in the zone. Keeping yourself in shape and healthy will improve your cognitive skills, study habits, and improve your mood.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities presented by the clubs. Clubs are a great way to expand your network and can provide great advice and tips to make your time at Benedictine comfortable.
  • Visit St. Procopius Abbey and enjoy the calm environment. The monks are very welcoming and will also help you find a calmer study space.

If you’re worries are financial based:

  • Scholarships are available at . The deadlines are approaching.
  • Erase the cost of books by going to the Benedictine Library , located in the basement of Kindlon, and take advantage of our Inter library book system. We are connected to multiple Academic Libraries that can loan you a book for class if it is in stock.
  • If you need a job there are new openings available due to early graduating seniors and transfers. Take advantage and apply.

Remember the worst thing you can do is not do anything. College is a big responsibility and a very big change for most students. The best way to approach things are to stop stressing, look around for opportunities , and listen to any good advice given. Also if you have any questions, has contact information for any faculty and staff member you need.


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