Nap like a Pro

Like most college kids, I’m a coffee lover ❤

Really I just like sugar but coffee happens to add a little energy boost that I could also use!  Though I wish I could say I were sleep deprived due to all of the late night studying I’ve been doing, unfortunately that’s not the only reason. It’s the lifestyle. Having the majority of your friends living right down the hall or a short walk away only happens once in your life and it’s something many college students take advantage of… including into the wee hours of the night, or should I say morning.  Like it or not college quickly took my very regular sleeping schedule and completely turned it upside down.

In high school I went to bed between 10-11 pm every night and had to be up around 6 or 630 am every morning; 8 hours of sleep was pretty much a given. The moment I came to college and began living in the Residence Hall, I quickly adjusted to the “college” mindset. Think about it,  you could have a class that doesn’t start until 11 am or later… meaning there’s no reason to be up by 6 am on those days; why not stay up late hanging out with friends. But one day out of the week I had 6 am practice which necessitated being up by 530 am.  And still other days I’d have a night class from 630 pm to 930 pm. My point is that my sometimes embarrassingly regular high school schedule of awaking at 6 am, school by 8 am until 330 pm straight to practice until 530 or 6 pm then home for the night, was quickly replaced by the painstakingly erratic college schedule of classes and practice at different times every day of the week and so I had to adjust. The solution: NappingA work of art

While some people say they just cannot take naps, I am quite partial to them!

As you’ll learn in Dr. Sarathy’s Physiology class, you need sleep and without it you cannot form new memories!

Here are some napping rules:

20 minutes to feel re-energized physically

30 minutes will just leave you more groggy

1 hour is the best way to commit something you just learned in to memory

any longer and that’s not really a nap anymore people and now you’re just asking to stay up all night wondering why you cannot fall asleep!

So find a comfy spot, set an alarm, possibly purchase a sleeping mask to block out any unwarranted light, and re-energize the natural way!


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