Balancing out homework

Many college students find themselves having a lot of homework at one time and it stresses them out or they forget about there homework which can be common. but there are a few things you can do to lower the stress or to help you remember important assignments.
1-buy a planner- these help you stay organized and on track
2-print your sylabus out if they are not given to you, highlight the important items
3-white board- I use a little mini white board on my desk so i can see what assignments are due that week and what I? need to do.
4-plan ahead, if you know you have a large assignment space it out so your not doing it all on one night.
5-use your weekend or free time wisely- if you have free time and feel up to it work on homework or look at your schedule for the upcoming week.
6-do a schedule that you can manage, don’t over power yourself where your constantly stressed at all times, it isn’t good for you.
These are just a few small and easy tips to keep you on the right track with college homework and assignments, it all comes down to effort and the time you put into your school work.
also use up your resources around you, like your friends, classmates, professors, tutors but also the library and tutor centers available all week.


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